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Choosing the Right LED Lights for You: Colour Temperature

Choosing the Right LED Lights for You: Colour Temperature

LED Lights Online: A Guide to LED Colour Temperatures

When selecting the right LED lights for your home or business, one aspect that needs to be taken into consideration is colour temperature. LED lights tend to come in one of four colour temperatures: Warm White, Neutral White, Daylight/Natural White and Cool White.

Colour temperature refers to the colour of the light source in LED devices. The colour temperature is measured in degrees of Kelvin (K) on a scale between 1000 - 10, 000. Residential and commercial LED lighting applications are most likely to fall between 2000K and 6500K.

At LED Lights Online, we specialise in supplying a range of LED lighting solutions for residential, commercial and industrial uses across Australia. We hope the following guide provides some guidance in choosing the best LED colour temperature to suit your needs:


Warm White LED Lights

Warm White LED Lights (2700K - 3500K)

Warm White is the name given to LED lights that fall within the general colour temperature range of 2700K - 3500K. Warm White LED lights are characterised by a yellow-white colour, which can vary from a deep gold at a colour temperature of 2700K to a very soft white at a colour temperature of 3000K. For reference, a standard incandescent globe is 2700K, while a standard halogen globe is 3000K.

Warm White is the most popular colour temperature choice for interior lighting in homes and the hospitality industry, particularly in the soft white part of the spectrum (around 3000K). The reason for the popularity of Warm White in residential applications and hospitality is because of its association with comfort. The low colour temperature and golden glow evokes candlelight and its association with warmth, security, intimacy and relaxation. This relationship was reinforced recently with the rising popularity of hygge in Australia, a Scandinavian lifestyle practice which uses candlelight as ambient lighting to create an atmosphere of coziness and contentment.

LED Lights Online stocks a variety of Warm White LED lights for your home or business. Browse our inexpensive range of Warm Light LED luminaires today including LED downlights, LED ceiling lights, LED wall lights, LED pendant lights and LED shop lights.


Neutral White LED Lights

Neutral White LED Lights (4000K - 4500K)

Neutral White is a cleaner white light in comparison to Warm White, but does still contain slight yellow tones. Neutral White is defined as the light generated between the colour temperatures of 4000K and 4500K in LED lighting, and is mainly used in commercial lighting applications such as office buildings, retail outlets and shopping centres.

Neutral White is suited for task lighting, and to illuminate areas which do not receive much natural light such as basements, garages and workshops. The most popular colour temperature in this area of the LED colour temperature spectrum is 4000K. The clarity of Neutral White makes this colour temperature ideal for lighting tasks which require concentration, such as reading or detailed technical tasks. Neutral White is also commonly used in signage to ensure important information can easily be read and understood, even at night or in low light settings.

Browse our range of Neutral White LED Lights today at LED Lights Online. We stock high-quality Neutral White LED ceiling lights, LED pendant lights and LED downlights, with various colour trims available to suit a range of interior design styles.


Natural White Daylight LED Lights

Daylight/Natural White LED Lights (5000K - 5500K)

Daylight, or Natural White, refers to the light in the colour temperature range of 5000K - 5500K, also known as ‘pure’ or ‘true’ white. Natural White is commonly called Daylight because natural light at noon on a sunny day translates to 5000K, which is the most popular colour temperature in this category. As Natural White is a higher colour temperature, it is considered a ‘cooler’ rather than a ‘warmer’ light, with less red and yellow tones filtering through than in Neutral White and Warm White.

Natural White is mainly used in commercial and industrial LED lighting, such as warehouse lighting, display area lighting and security lighting. It can also be used in particular areas of the home such as bathrooms or laundries, but is largely considered too harsh and sterile for residential applications. Similar to Neutral White, Daylight is a good solution for task and workplace lighting because of its effect on alertness. For this reason, we would advise not using Natural White LED lights in the bedroom, as cooler lighting with tones of blue can affect circadian rhythms and prevent us from sleeping.

Buy Natural White LED lights online with LED Lights Online and receive free shipping Australia wide. We supply a wide range of quality Daylight LED lights, including LED highbays, LED shoebox luminaires, LED pendant lights and LED downlights.


Cool White LED Lights Aurora Australis

Aurora australis dancing over an LED illuminated igloo - Source

Cool White LED Lights (6000K - 6500K)

Lastly, Cool White LED lights fall within the range of 6000K - 6500K, and are a much cooler light in terms of colour temperature. Because of the strong blue tones of Cool White LED lights, they are primarily used in commercial and industrial lighting applications including security lighting, warehouse lighting, factory lighting, and outdoor area lighting, such as in the image above where Cool White LED lights are being used as part of an installation. The positive effect of blue light on our alertness, productivity and performance means that Cool White LED lighting is perfect for high precision or technical work.

Shop our range of Cool White LED lights now at LED Lights Online, including LED downlights, LED ceiling lights, LED highbays and LED wall lights.

When it comes to LED lights, colour temperature is a personal choice. Depending on your requirements, the space and the atmosphere you wish to create, Warm White, Neutral White, Daylight/Natural White and Cool White LED lights are all suitable for a range of residential, commercial and industrial applications.

LED Lights Online prides itself on stocking only the best quality LED lights supplied by well-established LED lighting manufacturers. If you would like more information regarding colour temperature or about our range of reasonably priced LED lighting solutions, you can contact us at info@ledlightsonline.com.au or call us on 1300 886 003.

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