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Australia: Buy 10w LED Downlight Online for the Best Price

Home renovations should bring an improvement in not just the look, but the energy efficiency of a home. Most improvements that save energy and money, however, are hidden. Insulation, sealing, caulking, double- and triple-pane windows, and other upgrades are all invisible. Energy-efficient lighting, however, is front and centre, quite literally right in front of your eyes. In fact, it lights up everything you see. That makes choosing the right energy-efficient lighting incredibly important. You don’t want to sacrifice looks to save a few dollars, but you want to be environmentally and fiscally responsible, too. That’s why LED Luminaires carries the 10w LED downlight. Australia homeowners have seen the dramatic difference that LED lights can play in not just lighting their homes, but easing the pressure on their wallet. Buy a 10w LED downlight and you’ll see significant energy savings over the long-term compared to the previous winner, CFL bulbs.

Do I Buy a 10w LED Downlight or a CFL Bulb?

CFL bulbs were the gold standard of energy efficiency for years. Lacking the heat of halogen bulbs, they were a welcome option. CFLs came with their own downfalls, however, and while still useful in specific applications, LEDs have taken over the title as most energy-efficient light bulb, and you can find many options at LED Luminaires.

LEDs, or Light-Emitting Diodes, work by turning electrical energy into light. They use up such a high percentage of electricity compared to CFL and especially incandescent bulbs that they need far less power to emit the same amount of light, and very little energy is left over to dissipate as heat. You get a cooler bulb using less power and lasting longer – up to four times as long as a CFL bulb. The price of LED lamps has gone down as their popularity has gone up. They are now the first choice for many home builders and homeowners for lighting, and if you buy a 10w LED downlight, it will perform particularly well in recessed lighting.

What Are Downlights, Anyway?

Downlights are lights that use a focused beam of light to illuminate an area below the light fixture. LEDs are particularly suited to this because they naturally emit light in one direction. Changing the angle of the diodes allows for a good spread of light in a cone shape. To buy a 10w LED downlight online, simply choose one from LED Luminaire’s array of quality lighting. We take pride in selecting the best products for our customers, and our pricing is competitive. You won’t find a better, more varied selection, or a more dedicated customer service staff. We have options ranging from ivory silk to black to an entire array of designer colours. Want some contrast on your ceiling? Look at the Acina Designer colour Range, where you can find fittings in poppy red, gloss gold, and meadow green. Satin Black is always a stylish choice as well.

Do you have questions? Give us a call on 1300 886 083, and we’ll help you light up your home.

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