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Why You Should Buy a 20w LED Downlight from This Online Shop in Australia

With the recent trend of LED lighting making its way into both residential and commercial interior design, it’s clear why more and more lighting businesses are focusing on LED instead of halogen. For years, halogen lighting was the standard, but those times are nearly over, as LED lights have hit the mainstream and become increasingly affordable. As LED lighting has increased in popularity, the designs and styles of the lighting have become more elegant and interesting. You can now have recessed lighting and canister lights installed in your home at reasonable prices. They’re designed similarly to their halogen counterparts, but offer much better energy efficiency and warmer lighting. No more harsh brightness many people associate with halogen lights.

At LED Lights Online, we offer a recessed 20w LED downlight available in Australia that is perfect for your home or business and provides up to 80% lower energy costs than halogen. Thanks to their elegant design and high lumen output, they are the perfect alternative to halogen lamps. Because of their proven advantages, we believe that everyone should buy our 20w LED downlights online and see the benefits for themselves.

The Benefits of Our Recessed 20w LED Downlights

The fact that LED lights are more efficient than other bulbs may not surprise you. However, LED downlights offer many other benefits besides better energy efficiency and lower energy costs. Our recessed 20w lights are quite easy to install, whether you know how to do it yourself or you call upon a contractor to do it for you. If you already have recessed incandescent lighting, there’s a good chance that you can have these LED lights installed in the same fittings.

Recessed LED downlights are also fantastic for your interior décor. They make your room look more spacious, opening the space in a way that your previous hanging lights couldn’t. They make rooms look bigger, more spacious, and more elegant – all while being unobtrusive and interesting. Whether you’re using them as accent lights or to illuminate an entire living space, LED downlights provide a sophisticated look that offers good lighting coverage and bright, warm light.

Also, you should know that these LED lights are environmentally friendly and safer to place in your home than many other lights. LED lights help Australia’s environment because they’re long-lasting and use less energy. You get thousands of hours more out of these lights than others, meaning that you won’t throw them away as often. Also, LEDs don’t contain mercury, which you find in florescent lamps. In the event of a drop or break, there’ll be no chemicals that could be health risks.

Shop LED Luminaries

For years, our online shop has provided customers throughout Australia with some of the best LED downlight products on the market. We work exclusively with the best lighting manufacturers to ensure that all the products we sell are of the highest quality. We believe in the benefits of our lights, and we encourage you to buy our 20w LED downlight and experience those benefits for yourself.

For more information on our entire line of lighting products, call us on 1300 886 003.

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