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Invest in Energy Efficiency and Longevity: Shop with LED Luminaires to Buy LED Downlights Online in Australia

Have your employees been complaining about the dull, headache-inducing effects of fluorescent lightings? Alternatively, are you looking for ways to slash your monthly energy bills? If so, consider LED downlights. These recessed lighting solutions are a terrific way to get more light for less money—at least in the long run. At LED Luminaires, we stock an array of different LED downlights in Australia. If you opt to purchase LED lights from our online store, we can help you find the ideal lighting solution for your office, warehouse, or retail location.

What to Expect from LED Downlights

In most cases, LED downlights are recessed lights that sit within a hole in the ceiling. They can use the same fittings as your existing fluorescent or incandescent light fixtures, with a few slight modifications. They are sometimes just referred to as recessed lights or can lights.

The most significant reason that more and more businesses are switching to LED downlights throughout Australia is energy efficiency. Most lightbulbs lose a lot of energy to heat. The heat in these bulbs is a necessary by-product of producing the illumination. Unfortunately, this heat leads to huge energy losses and causes bulbs to burn out very quickly. If you’ve ever wondered why your incandescent bulbs tend to burn out so fast, it’s because of heat.

When you buy LED downlights (or any kind of LED lighting solution), you avoid these issues. LED lights are much more efficient, which means they don’t burn all that energy just producing heat. In fact, LED lights use about 90% less power than other types of bulbs, which will save your business money on monthly electricity bills. Because they don’t get hot, they also don’t burn out quickly—or ever.

Indeed, the average LED downlight lasts for about 50,000 hours. For those doing the maths, there are only 8,760 hours in a year, total. In other words, even if you keep the LED downlights in your Australia business burning 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, your LED lights will still last for the better part of six years. Most businesses don’t need to use their lighting constantly, so you can double or triple that lifespan (or more) for most applications.

Even when your LED lights start to die, they probably won’t burn out. What happens with LED lighting is that they begin to lose vibrancy over time. Since LED lights produce so much light anyway—they are brighter than incandescent, halogen and fluorescent lights—you probably won’t notice the dimming for a long time.

Buy LED Downlights Online from LED Luminaires

Are you convinced that LED downlights are worthy of your investment? To buy LED downlights online, browse our selection at LED Luminaires. If you have any questions, we are happy to talk you through our stock of different downlight options. You can dial 1300 886 003 or info@ledlightsonline.com.au to get in touch with our customer support department.

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