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Benefits of LED High Bay Lights and Light Systems for Australia Warehouses and Retail Shops

In warehouses and commercial buildings, especially those with high ceilings, it’s vital for both workers and customers to have bright, warm lighting. In warehouses, it’s essential because employees are often navigating heavy machinery through tight spaces or handling expensive merchandise. One wrong move could lead to injury. Having good light coverage in your workspace helps decrease the risk of workplace accidents or worker injury. These days, there are many options for warehouse and retail lighting, all with their positives and negatives. Fluorescents and incandescent were the industry standard for many years. However, recently, LED lighting has made its way into more and more factories, warehouses, and retail spaces.

With high ceilings, light coverage becomes even more important. That’s why LED high bay lighting is a fantastic option for warehouses. These lights are highly energy efficient while being safer than many other types of lights that can shatter and cause dangers in the workplace. At LED Luminaries, we offer a selection of high bay lights that we recommend for all types of commercial and industrial spaces. Our lights are made of the highest quality and provide both safety and increased energy efficiency. When searching for lighting replacements, we recommend you try our LED high bay lights available in Australia.

What You Need to Know About LED High Bay Lights

With LED high bay lights, you’ll get more than sufficient light coverage throughout your workspace, meaning that these lights will efficiently illuminate all the areas where your work takes place. If you have a warehouse where employees need to test defective products in one corner while others operate forklifts in another area, strategically placed LED lights can help ensure that everyone can see what they’re doing.

LED lights also offer this brightness and light coverage while using little energy. By using these lights, your warehouse will use less electricity, thereby radically reducing energy costs. Many LED lights offer 80% better energy efficiency than their halogen or fluorescent counterparts. While this is a huge positive for your energy savings, LED high bay lights also help you save on lighting equipment costs. LED lights can last up to 50,000 hours, meaning that you’ll have to change them and spend money on new ones less often.

We understand that any change in a warehouse or commercial space must be thoroughly discussed and thought upon before implementation. However, with all the features and advantages of LED lights, LED Luminaries truly believes that switching to these high bay lights will benefit your business. We encourage you to buy our LED high bay lights and see the results for yourself.

About Us

LED Luminaries is a 100% Australian owned company that focuses on providing top-quality LED light solutions to commercial and residential customers. We believe in the quality of our products, and we supply them using only well-known manufacturers. All the lights we provide are thoroughly tested and comply with relevant Australia Standards.

If you have any questions about our LED light packages that are available to buy in Australia, call our friendly support team on 1300 886 003.

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