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Are You Looking to Buy LED Lighting in Australia? Understand the Difference Between High and Low Bay Lights

If you are buying LED lighting for commercial or industrial applications—such as factories, warehouses, and retail stores—you will probably need to choose between high bay and low bay lighting. At LED Luminaires, we carry both types of LED lighting in Australia. Both our high bay and low bay LEDs deliver the same benefits that are standard for LED solutions. For instance, both are extremely energy efficient, bright and long-lasting. Which option you choose will depend mostly on the space that you are planning to illuminate with your LED lights.

High Bay LED Lighting versus Low Bay LED Lighting: Understanding the Differences

The most significant factor you will need to consider when choosing between high bay and low bay LED lights is the height of your ceilings. In the simplest of terms, you will opt to buy high bay LED lighting in Australia if you are lighting a building that has high ceilings. You will opt for low bay LED lights for facilities with lower ceilings.

More specifically, low bay lighting should be your go-to lighting strategy for commercial or industrial buildings with ceiling heights that are six metres (20 feet) or less. Low bay lights have diffusers on the lights themselves that work to spread the light out laterally. This feature keeps the lights from being too harsh or glaring, even though they are inherently closer than lights in spaces with higher ceilings.

High bay lights, meanwhile, are ideal for ceilings that are higher than six metres. These lights don’t have diffusers to give the lighting a wide lateral spread. Instead, they usually use reflectors that help focus the light straight down towards the floor.

Both types of LED lighting focus and reflect light appropriately for their respective settings. As you might expect, either would be ill-suited to the other’s setting. A low bay light on a high ceiling would cast the light too wide to provide strong, focused illumination all the way down on the floor. A high bay light on a low ceiling would be too bright and harsh and wouldn’t spread the light out appropriately for the space.

Buy LED Lighting in Australia: Shop LED Luminaires for High Bay and Low Bay Lighting Solutions

When installed correctly, both high bay and low bay LED lights can allow users to illuminate large spaces efficiently without many lights. If you are shopping for LED lighting in Australia, look no further than LED Luminaires. We sell both high bay and low bay LED lighting online. Every light we sell has been carefully tested to ensure compliance with all relevant Australia standards.

If you aren’t sure whether low bay lights or high bay lights are the right option for your commercial or industrial space, or if you need some mixture of both, LED Luminaires can help. Before you buy our LED lighting in Australia, give us a call on 1300 886 003 to learn a bit more about the products we offer.

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